Services we offer

Entretien Memo offers you a wide range of services, all of which are guaranteed to meet your commercial cleaning needs and keep your working environment spotless! More specifically, we specialize in commercial office cleaning as well as warehouse cleaning.

We’ll take care of your windows, carpets, floors, walls, and everything in between. Also, don’t forget – at Entretien Memo, we always use our green, environmentally friendly products to ensure your working environment is not only clean, but also safe from chemical products.

We Offers Following Services:

                • Janitorial Services In Montreal
                • Services De Conciergerie Montreal
                • Commercial Cleaning In Montreal
                • Commercial Montreal Nettoyage

Having an office or a warehouse does not only ensure a successful business, but adds considerably to your responsibility as well. This particular job includes keeping these places clean. Not only that adds to the good impression, but allows you to have a healthy and hygienic atmosphere at the workplace.

The problem is though, you cannot possibly keep these places clean with personal efforts, because there won’t be much time and secondly, the impression won’t be very nice for clients or other visitors. So, in order to provide the perfect solution, we have come with the most effective commercial cleaning services.

We are a company which does the cleaning of these places and helps you to keep the office or the warehouse, spotlessly clean all the time. Unlike our competitors though, the Commercial Montreal Nettoyage we offer is amongst the bests in the class. It is our aim to retain that quality and the impression created by a completely dedicated team of professionals and their efforts.

Amongst the services we offer, commercial version is a complete branch in itself and we at Entretien Memo are extremely proud of the services we provide. It is quite true that, commercial service can be of different types, depending especially on the places that are being cleaned, but it does not mean that the basic structure of cleaning is drastically different.

Apart from being completely committed to our job, we are also very much sincere about the environment. This is the reason, we use environment friendly cleaning agents, instead of anything less expensive but more harmful. Along with being one of the biggest and mostly chosen company for Commercial Cleaning In Montreal service package, we are also a 100% Green Company.

We make sure that, if it is your office, then we use environment-friendly cleaning agents strong enough to clean the floors, walls and glasses, but they are also mild enough to not harm upholstery, curtains and draperies, carpets and such things. We also provide thorough cleaning of these fine and delicate items.

Another thing that clearly set us apart from the other companies is our care for the customers. We care for our customers and their satisfaction the most. This is why; we craft our service packages with utmost dedication, making sure that, no client may have to face any problem while hiring any of the services. Be it a simple Janitorial Services In Montreal or any other amenity, we are equally serious about all of them and can deliver the best every time.

When it is about the cleaning of a factory or warehouse, we use products that are strong enough to clean this place yet won’t harm the atmosphere. Our team of experts is not only experienced, skilled, knowledgeable and dedicated; they also understand your requirements perfectly and offer services suiting those needs perfectly.

At Entretien Memo, we are also very careful about the services we provide and their charges. It is because, we are aware that all of our customers won’t have same kind of affordability and so, we need to offer something everyone is comfortable with. This is our aim while dealing with Services De Conciergerie Montreal or any other amenities offered to the clients.

So, when a client is choosing us, he or she is getting completely professional and unmatched cleaning for his or her office or warehouse or workplace in general, within a surprisingly reasonable price. These qualities have propelled into the league of success and helped to retain the same for a long time as well.